MOVIE REVIEW | “Christopher Robin”

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One of the harder truths in “Christopher Robin” is that we all grow up – including Christopher Robin.

Page 4 Movie PictureThe Disney movie stars Ewan McGregor as the man who once spent his days frolicking with friends Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and the rest of the stuffed-yet-somehow-alive animals in the Hundred Acre Wood. But that’s all in the man’s past. Thirty years have gone by, and Chris has since dealt with a family tragedy, a long stint in World War II, marriage, fatherhood and a thankless job at a London suitcase company.

The poor man, as the film points out, hasn’t laughed in years.

His daughter, played by newcomer Bronte Carmicheal, doesn’t yuk it up too much either because she’s too busy studying. Christopher wants to send her to boarding school and she doesn’t want to go – mainly because she rarely sees her dad as it is. By the looks of it, he values his work above all else. Some young viewers might be able to relate.

This is when you may start to wonder who this movie is geared toward: children who have been clamoring for a “quiet” kids’ movie Untitledwith very few bells and whistles, or adults who need a kick in the pants to become less work-obsessed before their kids are no longer kids? The guilt-trip message for grown-ups is delivered kindly, but it’s there.

Christopher’s work-related tunnel vision begins to lessen when Pooh stops by for a visit — just out of the blue and somehow knowing exactly where to find his old childhood chum. But this movie doesn’t’ exactly deal in facts and logic, so we’ll let that detail slide.

Initially frustrated by the surprise — the man has a work deadline – Chris eventually rekindles his affection for Pooh and realizes where he’s gone wrong with his wife and daughter. In the meantime, viewers are treated to a somewhat calm adventure involving the humans and their woodsy pals.

The storyline is a little corny, and there are only a few laugh-out-loud moments in the script. But the movie is also touching, especially in the scenes with just Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh. At least twice, I had to force myself not to cry because there was no way I was going to cry over a stuffed toy. No way.

Okay, maybe one tear escaped.

“Christopher Robin” is rated PG and is 2 hours long. For showtimes, see the Marshall Cinema ad on this page or go to

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