JEDCO Board Cancels Meeting

Jimplecute Editor

Jefferson Economic Development Corporation directors scrubbed their scheduled meeting Tuesday, after incoming Director Richard Turner objected to the wording of the meeting notice.

The notice and agenda posted for the Tuesday session stated “that a Committee Meeting of the Jefferson Economic Development Corporation will be held on July 24, 2018.

“I contacted the AG [Texas Attorney General’s office]’ today,” Turner told the gathering. “The AG says the meeting is incorrectly posted. He said if this was a board meeting, then it had to state it was a ‘board meeting.’”

Turner said the meeting had been referred to as “committee meetings” since May 2017.
Director Robin Moore noted at one time sessions were posted as simply a meeting of JEDCO.

Jay Patrick, the outgoing president who would have presided until new officers were elected, reached a conclusion.

“We don’t have a valid meeting,” Patrick said. “Sorry for inconvenience, but that is where we are.”

Board members selected Friday at 6 p.m. for their next meeting with the same agenda. The notice is to state it is a meeting of the Board of Directors.

Several board members were less than pleased with the change.

Ted Dikson had flown in to attend Tuesday’s meeting. Bob Avery and Darrel Gaither will have to reset travel and work plans to accommodate the new time.

“We don’t want to go through this again,” Avery said.
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Please click here for PDF  –>  JEDCO Agenda

JEDCO Agenda 7.24.18



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