Huckabee Accuses Mayor Haggard, Turner of Bribery

Huckabee Haggard Turner July 2018By BOB PALMER
Jimplecute Editor

Jefferson City Administrator Kevin Huckabee has filed a criminal complaint against Mayor Bubba Haggard and former alderman Richard Turner.

According to the offense report obtained from the Jefferson Police Department by the Jimplecute through a Texas Freedom of Information Act request, Huckabee accuses the two city leaders of bribery.

“I can’t comment anything right now on advice of counsel,” Haggard said.

“All I’ll say: it is bogus,” Turner said. “There is absolutely no truth to it.”

Huckabee’s complaint alleges Haggard told Huckabee “he would be appointing former Alderman Richard Turner to the Jefferson Economic Development Corporation Committee (JEDCO) at that night’s meeting.”

Huckabee complains the appointment came as the fulfillment of an election promise.

“Haggard further explained to Huckabee early in the mayor’s campaign Richard Turner informed Haggard that he would not be seeking re-election to his alder seat but would support Haggard in the Mayor’s election if he (Haggard) would appoint him as his JEDCO appointment,” the police report states.

“I outright supported Bubba from the very beginning, way before we even started discussing the issue of JEDCO,” Turner said Friday. “When I did speak to Bubba concerning JEDCO, all I said I would like to be considered for this appointment.”

Huckabee provided officer Jason Carroll with a written statement and a recording of a conversation between the city administrator and the mayor.

The oath of office for elected public officials requires them to swear that they have not promised any consideration in exchange for votes.

Bribery under the Texas Penal Code occurs when a person intentionally or knowingly offers, confers, or agrees to confer on another or solicits accepts or agrees to accept from another any benefit as consideration for the recipient’s vote.

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3 thoughts on “Huckabee Accuses Mayor Haggard, Turner of Bribery

  1. Bubba Haggard is 100% Jeffersonian. I have known him since childhood. The allegations are preposterous and appear to made strictly out of malice. I no longer live in Jefferson, but I have family living there. Jefferson will always be my hometown, and I have no doubt that Bubba Haggard ran for Mayor out of love for Jefferson and its citizens.

    Sue Pentecost Sunstrum


  2. Texas Penal Code Chapter 36: Bribery and Corrupt Influence.
    Definition of “Benefit” Anything reasonably regarded as a “pecuniary gain” or a “pecuniary advantage”, including benefit to any other person…
    “Pecuniary Gain” refers to a gain of monetary value, such as compensation (Black’s Law Dictionary)

    This appointment is a non-paid position. Even if the facts as pled are true, it does not constitute a criminal offense. Somebody should have done their research before jumping to conclusions.

    As a legal expert for more than 25 years, I see this as nothing more than retaliatory grandstanding. If the city does not do something immediately to reign this in I can foresee multiple lawsuits against the public official(s) involved and the city with the taxpayers bearing the brunt of their seemingly politically motivated actions.


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