Sen. Cruz to Visit Jefferson

CruzUS Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Tex, will visit Jefferson, Thursday, July 5, Marion County Republican Chair James Parsons announced last week.

“Sen. Cruz is scheduled to meet with voters at Riverport Barbecue from 1:30 to 3 p.m.,” Parsons said.

The meet and greet will allow area residents to meet the senator and possibly ask questions.

“We are happy that the Senator is taking time to visit with citizens here,” Parsons said.

The Jimp’s editor, Bob Palmer, has secured the first media interview slot with Senator Cruz after he meets with voters.  Full coverage of the event and interview will be published online at and in the July 12 print edition of the Jimplecute.

Readers not able to meet Senator Cruz in person on July 5 are encouraged to submit questions they would like the Jimp to ask the senator on any one of our four online media outlets:, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.


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5 thoughts on “Sen. Cruz to Visit Jefferson

  1. This business owner is one of the few that gives a discount for veterans. Look at H. R. 333 and H. R. 303. We EARNED this. I will be there at your little “visit.” I will stay anonymous. But I will wait for your response to these bills that have lanquished for years. We EARNED this. Make it happen.


  2. H.R.333 — 113th Congress (2013-2014)
    H. R. 303
    I will be there. I hope to hear your response to these two bills that have lanquished for years. There are about 900 veterans in Marion County, alone. Work for us.


      1. I never got a response either. I usually don’t get one when I ask any of our political representatives about these bills. It’s not right that my husband can’t get his military disability AND his retirement. He earned BOTH. He could get both only if he reaches a certain percentage of disability. I don’t understand that… Thanks for your follow-up.

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