I FOUND THIS year’s playing of the Masters golf tournament absorbing television.

Enthralling images of blooming azaleas, green fairways, tall pines and wandering creeks certainly provided a treat to winter-weary eyes.

The golf wasn’t too shabby, either.

If you turned to check your text messages, you could lose your place on the leaderboard.

Jordan Spieth led after the first day, and then rose again on the last day to contend for the title.

The championship belonged to Patrick Reed, however, despite all Ricky Fowler, Rory McIlroy and others could do. It was golf well worth watching.


Hardtack and Coffee,” a Civil War memoir by John D. Billings, is my present bedside companion. In this detailed account of service in the Union Army, a factoid surfaced that could resonate with other veterans.

According to Billings, the US Army has used the “shelter-half” since 1861 or 1862. Although Billings called it a “half-shelter” or “dog tent,” the tent he describes was pretty much the same as the one we humped around on our packs. Each man carried half of a tent. He would then join with a partner at night.

Shelter-halves, or pup tents, were perhaps better than nothing, but Billings noted how many of the Union troops threw theirs away and counted on finding a dry barn if it rained.


PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP has called out the National Guard to stop a 1,400-person migration from Honduras to the US. The move was expensive, futile and unavoidable.

While some immigration subjects like DACA are open to debate, this mass movement which virtually amounts to an invasion could not be ignored.

This pending confrontation smells like a put-up job. Someone has created this situation to put Trump and the United States on the spot with pleas for political sanctuary.

These poor folks have had a long walk from Honduras. I hope they enjoy the walk back home.


I FINALLY TOOK the $75 calcium scoring test Friday.

Several friends have taken the test. One discovered an aneurysm in a bad place and another had bypass surgery. I hope to be left alone to enjoy my Pittsburg Hot Links in peace.


THE TEXAS RANGERS are off to a miserable start. It is amazing how fast a team can deteriorate under Jon Daniel’s control.


JOKE DE JOUR: After his two terms in the White House, President Eisenhower continued his avid interest in golf. One day after a round at Augusta National, the locker room attendant asked, “Do you notice anything different since you left the White House?”

“Yes,” Ike replied. “A lot more people are beating me at golf.”



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