Diamond Don’s 16th Annual Vintage International Motocross Legends

Diamond Don sharing information before the race at the 15th Annual Vintage Motorcross in 2017

Diamond Don’s 16th Annual AHRMA Vintage International Motocross will be held April 13-15, 2018 at Diamond Don RV Park & Event Center located one mile from Jefferson, Texas.

As a part of the Vintage International Motocross each year, there are legends in the racing world who are recognized. This year the Legends are the H&H Music Racing Team, Barry Higgins, Barry Higgins, Brad Lackey, Guy Cooper, Steve Wise, Trampas Parker, and Trey Jorski.

H&H Music Racing Team: Started in 1970 by Clint Hackney Jr, the H&H Music Racing team was an offshoot of the Houston, Texas-based H&H Music Company and within the first year of racing, the team was dominating races all around the city. It started with Kevin Brown and the Hanna family – Fred, Bobby, Cecile, and Dottie. Then came Robert Tuggle, Don Rainey, Jake DeBoe, and Bo Kock. By 1973, Don Rainey was already competing in AMA events and team members including Steve Hackney, Robert Tuggle, and Fred Hanna began racing in the national AMA Motocross events. Since many of the racing team members were still in high school, they could only travel to races close to home. But life gets in the way and in 1974, the team disbanded as some of the team members wanted to pursue their college degrees. However, the team was not gone forever. Resurrected in 2015 by four-time Grammy Winner, Lyle Lovett, the new H&H Music Racing Team is Lyle Lovett, Steve Hackney, Kevin Brown and Diamond Don Rainey, along with new members Bruce Blau and Gary Davis.

Barry Higgins: The year was 1969. American motocross was young and struggling to climb out of obscurity. In October, at the Inter-Am motocross race in Pepperell, Mass., it got its big break: “ABC Wide World of Sports” showed up to film the event and exposed would-be American fans to the European stars who dominated the sport. Although Sweden’s Arne Kring won the race on his works Husqvarna, CZ’s American rider, Barry Higgins, became an underdog hero to a national audience. As the top American rider, Higgins finished fifth on a 1969 Jawa CZ360, beating several European stars.

“Motocross racers were far from sports heroes then,” says Higgins. “We were thought of as hooligans on motorcycles and getting on TV was a big step to help change that.”


Following that race, Higgins’ popularity soared, and he continued to develop as a motocross racer, ultimately becoming a multi-time AMA national champion. Higgins remained in the motorcycling industry, owning a successful KTM dealership near Atlanta for 28 years. He began full-time work for KTM North America Inc., in 2003. There, he has helped develop KTM’s amateur racing talent and prepare riders for the pro ranks.  Higgins was inducted into the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2000. Brad Lackey: Brad Lackey was the 1972 500cc National Champion and in 1982, he became the first American to win the World 500cc Motocross Championship.  To this day, no other American has duplicated what took Lackey over 10 years to achieve. Lackey was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 1999.

Guy Cooper: Guy Cooper is a former Team Suzuki 125/250 factory rider and 1990 AMA 125 Motocross National Champion.  According to Legends & Heroes Tour, “Coop” was always a fan favorite wherever he showed up. Running what could best be described as a man’s bike, the KTM 540SX, Coop has always been an active racer from his early days out of the Stillwater, OK area to his days on the National Tour.  After retiring, you can still see him out at select events like the nationally prestigious Enduro-Cross series and AHRMA National events.

Steve Wise: Steve Wise will go down in history as one of the most multi-talented riders in the history of motorcycle racing. Wise earned the distinction of becoming the only rider in history to win AMA motocross, AMA Supercross and AMA Superbike nationals. The Texan further proved his all-around talent by earning a podium result in the AMA Grand National Championship when he took third, in his very first Grand National Dirt Track appearance, at the Houston Astrodome TT National in 1982. 

In addition, Wise twice won the popular ABC Wide World of Sports Superbikers competition in the early 1980s, an event that featured the top motorcycle racers in the world from all disciplines. ABC’s Superbikers was a predecessor to Supermoto, which flourished in Europe and later attained AMA national status in 2003. Wise’s versatility helped him earn the prestigious AMA Pro Athlete of the Year Award in 1982.

Trampas Parker: As versatile as he was consistent, Trampas Parker made history as the first American to win two World Motocross Championships. He was an unknown American rider living in Italy when he burst onto the world motocross scene by winning the 125cc championship in 1989 with KTM. Two years later, he repeated the feat for a 250cc championship, this time with Honda. Parker was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, and was raised in Bridge City, Texas.  He began riding when he was given his first motorcycle at age 7.

Trey Jorski: Jorski is still an avid racer and enjoys riding in different off-road races in Texas.  He won the 40+ Expert TCCRA Cross Country title twice. He is a former AMA national #54 and 49 in the early 70s and was 10 overall in the 500cc Supercross class in 1976. Jorski is a former Oklahoma State MX champ 1973-1982 in the 125, 250 and open pro class. He had several MX wins over the past few years in +30, +40 and +50 classes and has won several AHRMA national vintage race events in the last few years.  He finished 7th overall at the Lake Elsinore GP Harvey Mushman 100 in Nov. 2011.


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