Movie Review | “Ready Player One”

Ready player oneLegendary Academy Award-winning director Steven Spielberg has broken the cinematic mold yet again with “Ready Player One,” a science fiction adventure film set in 2045.  Surrounded by nothing but disarray and destruction, the virtual reality software OASIS is what the world uses for work and play. OASIS allows its users to go anywhere, do anything and be anybody they want to be.

Ernie Cline penned his debut novel the film is based on in 2011 and Warner Bros. and De Line pictures won the auction for the screen rights soon after.  Cline says he could not have written the story had he not “grown up on a steady diet of Spielberg movies” like “E.T.,” “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “Jurassic Park,” and of course, “Back to the Future.”

Spielberg says that when he read “Ready Player One,” it was “the most amazing flash forward and flash back” story.

The main character of the story is Wade Watts, played by Tye Sheridan. He introduces himself in the story by saying, “I was born in 2025 but I wish I wish I had grown up in the 1980s.”

Similar to “Minority Report” in 2002, Spielberg cleverly depicts the future in this film not just as technologically advanced with everyone in shiny new age clothes and futuristic vehicles.  He realistically shows new technology next to a houses and appliances from the 20th century showcasing how the future is never disconnected from the past.

Such is the appeal of “Ready Player One.”

The film is Spielberg’s first action-fantasy film since 2011.  Because of the film’s dazzling visual effects, where it is said that the director even one-ups himself, Spielberg says this was his most difficult film since “Saving Private Ryan.”  

Rotten Tomatoes scores the film as 84% Fresh on the Tomatometer with 97% of audiences wanting to see it.

Ready Player One” (140 minutes) will start showing at the Marshall Cinema this Friday a with PG-13 rating for sequences of sci-fi action violence, some suggestive material, partial nudity and language. Call (903) 935-5662 or visit for a full list of show times.  Then plan to see it soon.


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