Weddings, Birthdays, & Graduations, oh my!

A soon-to-be bride consults with her photographer Friday in Otstott Park outside of the Jimp office.

by The Jimp Staff

Who wouldn’t be overjoyed to open the paper and see a young couple we had known since childhood announcing their engagement and upcoming nuptials? Or reading a description of the wedding and reception next to a portrait of the bride during the week following the joyful event? How about a photo of a dear friend’s long awaited newborn grandchild? Have you missed any of those things over the past few years?

These are some of the staples of a hometown newspaper like the Jimp.   Bridal showers, engagement parties, graduation parties and baby showers were also included in years past as well as multi-generational photos and family reunions. Centurions’ birthdays and milestone anniversaries would certainly be something for everyone to look forward to seeing.

The only obstacle we face to including these types of articles in the paper is you, our readers!  We cannot publicize these events without you providing us with notice of them along with your information about what has happened.

To show our readers how much we value your significant life events, we will be printing all announcements of the type described above FREE during the month of April.

Our online paper is in color, so your pictures will look extra special on even after April!

Call us (903.665.2462) or come by the Jimp office to get a price or package list along with a form to help you organize the information.  We will even help you write it if you wish. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Note:  Content of this piece updated since March 22, 2018 edition.


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