Spring Flowering Bulbs

by CARLA BASS, City Editor

flowersThe current spring flowering bulbs of Narcissus, Jonquils, Daffodils and Snowdrops pictured above are beginning to fade; but it is not time to mow them down. While their foliage is still green, their dead blooms should be clipped off for appearance sake. At this time, while green and robust, they are producing food for the bulb itself that will again bless us with the first signs of spring next year.

They need to be left alone until the foliage begins to turn yellow, dry up, and wither. After all of that is gone, if you are satisfied with their location, just leave them where they are, either clipping or pulling off the dead foliage. If you are wanting to regroup or mix other bulbs in with them, gently dig below them into the ground with a tined or forked spade and lift them out. They can be placed in a holding bed until you are ready to for planting them in the desired spot in the fall. The best location for replanting will be a place where they will get the need warmth and bright light to trigger proper growth in the spring. Once you have them in place in the fall, you do not have to worry about any maintenance other than clipping the dead flowered heads and removing the dead wilted foliage from that point forth.



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