Storm claims life of camping mother

MARION COUNTY, TX – Marion County Sheriff David McKnight has released more information about the storm that ravaged the Bushy Creek Campground on Lake O’ the Pines.

“Extreme thunderstorms and high winds cost the life of a south Texas woman late Saturday night.  Mary Pinney, 40, from Mt. Belvieu, Texas, was struck and killed by a wind blown large tree that fell on the tent that she and her family were camping in.  Ms. Pinney’s husband was seriously injured in the accident and transported to an area hospital.  Their three children also present in the tent were not injured.

Entrance to Brushy Creek on FM 726 in Marion County at Lake O’ the Pines.

The family was camped at Brushy Creek Campground, a US Army Corp of Engineer’s maintained campground located on the southwest shore of Lake O’ the Pines.  Apparent straight line winds blew down large trees inside the campground and in other residential neighborhoods in the area.  Numerous power lines were down and roads were blocked by fallen trees and debris.

The campground was full when the storm struck.  Many children and teenagers were present and getting an apparent jump start on next week’s spring break.  There were a few more  minor and moderate injured that were transported to hospitals by private vehicle, but the exact number has not been determined.  Debris cleanup and damage assessment will continue for several more days, along with removal of the numerous damaged RV’s and vehicles.

Responding departments included the Texas Department of Public Safety, US Army Corp of Engineers, and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, along with fire departments from Harelton in Harrison County, and Marion County VFD’s from Jackson and Mims.  Several private citizens with chain saws and tools also assisted in this effort.”

More information will continue to be reported as confirmed details are available.

Photos by Corps of Engineers.




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