Brushy Creek storm causes one fatality

530921_339445066144486_129269636_nFrom the Marion County Sheriff’s Department:

“Please be aware that there was one fatality at the Brushy Creek campground and not four, as was mistakenly reported initially.

Due to the tremendous debris field and heavy rain it was difficult to assess. The deceased was a 40 year woman from southeast Texas.

Also please do not attempt to enter this area until recovery and cleanup efforts are completed.”

Entrance to Brushy Creek on FM 726 in Marion County at Lake O’ the Pines.

Brushy Creek is one of the camping areas managed by the Corps of Engineers on Lake O’ the Pines, located off of FM726 at the southwest end of the dam. The campground was hit during severe thunderstorms which passed through Marion County and surrounding counties Sunday morning somewhere around 1-2 a.m. CST.

Whether it was a tornado or strong winds that struck the campground has not been confirmed at this time by the National Weather Service, but other reports around the lake have indicated strong winds and large damaging hail.

Map view of Brushy Creek, a camping and recreational use area at Lake of the Pines.

The main concern at this time is to keep all non-emergency persons away from the area due to equipment going into the park removing campers and hazards that unnecessary traffic could create in that area.

More information will be reported as soon as confirmed details become available.

Photos by Corps of Engineers.




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