BFF:  BEST FOOT FORWARD; Jefferson High School Junior Girls Professional Etiquette & Communication Workshop

By Carla Bass – City Editor

Best Foot Forward.jpg
The Jessie Allen Wise Garden Club has hosted the 9th Annual Best Foot Forward workshop for the Jefferson High School junior girls on Wednesday, February 7, 2017. The BFF workshop focuses on teaching the girls how to do their best in manners, scholarship/college/job interviews, presentation of self and social media etiquette. After the demonstrations, the girls enjoyed light refreshments and a tour of the Atalanta rail car and parting favors along with certificates of participation.

On February 7, 2018 the Jessie Allen Wise Garden Club hosted the Junior class young ladies at the Excelsior House Hotel Ballroom, for the annual Best Foot Forward event. They have begun to host this each year to prepare the students for their debut in the “real world” to teach them how to go out and prepare for entering the world of further their education or stepping out directly into the workforce and how to conduct themselves for each.

The morning began with a welcome and history of the Garden Club and Excelsior House Hotel.

They then began a series of mock interviews for scholarship or job applications with the roles being played by Garden Club Members. Interviewees were played by Mrs. Elizabeth Puckett as “Eclectic Elizabeth” and Mrs. Anna Bode as “Appropriate Anna”. The demonstration interviewer was Mrs. Karen Gleason.

The girls then attend a revolving Trio of Workshops of 15 minutes each which were conducted

in the Museum Room, Ballroom and on Sun Porch. Various groups covered appropriate handling of situations with Electronic Communication Etiquette by Mrs. Tami Whitington;

Courtesy at Home, School, and Community with Mrs. Margaret Jones; and Table Settings and Conversation with Mrs. Sharon Stewart.

There were photo opportunities in the hotel courtyard followed by light refreshments. The awarding of certificates and favors followed while Garden Club President, Mrs. Becky DeWare, presented a challenge to the young ladies adhere to the  recommendations and to set goals and strive toward the successful completion of those goals.

Before departure back to the Jefferson High School campus the young ladies were given a tour of the Jay Gould Railway Car, by Mrs. Diana Walla.

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