Letters to the Editor | February 22, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a resident of Marion County and very interested in the concerns of the county and the candidates running for County Judge, I congratulate you regarding your interview of the Republican candidates running for this elected office.  Since each announcement of candidacy, I have wanted to learn of their background, character, and qualifications. Your questions were very pertinent, and your presentation in the article of each candidate’s response fairly balanced.

The responses by the candidates were both illuminating of their respective qualifications, or lack thereof, and each’s fundamental good character.  Thank you for providing the needed attention to this very important matter.


Colleen Clark


Dear Editor,

Upon leaving worship service at our church last Sunday, we found a political letter on the windshield of our car as did most of the others parked in the church parking lot. We found the letter offensive and totally inappropriate. Worship service is one thing and a hate filled political slam is another.

Please can we have some diginity  in this political campaign?

Larry and Kay Brookshire


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