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Lions clubMelvin Jones was a dreamer, a doer and a pragmatist. He was an energetic, extroverted salesman who in private hours would reread Shakespeare. What better man to found the world’s largest association of service clubs? He founded the Lions in 1917. He was very much a believer in citizens working together to make things better for others.

Two of our local Jefferson Lions were presented with the prestigious Melvin Jones Fellow Award this past week. It has been about 14 years since a member of The Jefferson Lions Club received this honor. Yes! It is a big deal!

One award was given to Lion Vicki Richey. Lion Vicki has been a Jefferson Lion (along with her husband Lion Roy) since 2009. Lion Vicki participates in all Lion Activities and leads many of them.

Two years ago Lion Vicki volunteered to chair our “SPOT” machine committee. This included many hours of her personal time to train, set up meetings and screenings, participate in health fairs etc.

Lion Vicki has not only participated in our local Lions Club but has supported and participated at the District level. She has not only given so much of herself to the Lions but to many causes and organizations in our community.

One award was also given to Lion Kathy Torrans. Lion Kathy has been a Jefferson Lion (along with her husband Lion Skip) since 2008. Lion Kathy serves as the Secretary/Treasurer. She does an outstanding job keeping our accounts/budget balanced to the penny. Most do not realize that being the secretary of a club such as ours could be a full- time job, yet she does this while also running a full time business. She, very efficiently, tends to more reports and duties than I can list here. Lion Kathy also leads our club in our biggest project each year, The Enchanted Forest. She along with our club, prepares and works on this event for approximately 3-4 months each year.

Her dedication to the Jefferson Lions Club is rarely matched.
When you see Lion Vicki Richey or Lion Kathy Torrans please congratulate them and thank them for all the time and commitment they have given to our wonderful community.

“You can’t get very far until you start doing something for somebody else.” – Melvin Jones.

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