ETBU bridges the gap with Winter Mini-Terms

Courtesy of Kristin Williams

East Texas Baptist University administered one-week and two-week Mini-Term courses, beginning on Monday, December 11 and concluding on Friday, January 12.
More than 170 students were enrolled in nine courses, including December, January, and Winter terms.

Mini-Terms enable students to increase credit hours without taking additional classes during the regular Fall and Spring semesters and provide students with ETBU’s flat tuition rate. During the Mini-Term, students are tested daily by professors on their knowledge of the subject material to ensure that they gain the same educational benefits as full-length classes.

The ETBU faculty creatively designed the curriculum to involve students in the content. Students learned through interactive discourse, experience, and reflection.
With courses such as God in the Movies and Kinesiology Special Activities: Ski Trip to Colorado, students were provided with diverse and innovative opportunities to grow in their fields.

“The most memorable part of the Sport and Recreation Tourism Mini-Term with Dr. Laci McRee was visiting the Dallas Cowboys Stadium,” ETBU senior Kinesiology major Zach Griffin confessed.

Mini-Terms are offered during August, December, January, Spring Break, and May.
To review class schedules and learn more about the benefits of Mini-Term offerings, visit or call 903.923.2000.

For more information, please contact Dr. Thomas Sanders Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs East Texas Baptist University.

(Please contact us today for a print or email subscription to the Jefferson Jimplecute! — (903) 665-2462, JIMPLECUTE1848@GMAIL.COM)

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