Let’s Share Some Recipes

By Carla Bass, City Editor

Hopefully you have all begun to thaw after the Artic Blast of ice, snow and frigid temperatures. You all loaded up on the comfort foods like stew, gumbo or chicken and dumplings while iced in at home; so let’s go with something lighter this week.

Teriyaki-Pineapple Porkchops
Boneless center-cut porkchops at least ¾ or more inches thick
Canned pineapple rings (in its own juice); enough to cover the number of porkchops to cook Teriyaki sauce
Montreal Steak Seasoning
Baking dish
Powdered Ginger

• Select the number of porkchops you wish to cook
• Spray your baking dish well with non-stick spray or cover in aluminum foil
• Lay out porkchops in your dish, not overlapping
• Drain pineapple juice over the porkchops
• Drizzle the Teriyaki sauce over the porkchops, covering them well
• Dust them with the steak seasoning
• Top with a pineapple ring
• Sprinkle the entire dish with two or three pinches of Ginger
• Preheat oven to 400°F and bake for 25 minutes (Pork: 145 – 160 degrees)

Spinach Salad
Pkg. Baby Spinach
Spring greens mixture
Cherry tomatoes
Real bacon crumbs
Sliced black olives
Dry Roasted Sunflower Seeds
Fresh grated Parmesan cheese
Briana’s Red Wine Vinagrette or Orange Balsamic Dressing

• Layer the ingredients in individual
• Let the dressing warm to at least room temperature
• Serve with chosen dressing

Lemon Pepper Porkchops
Boneless center-cut porkchops at least ¾ or more inches thick
Liquid smoke
Lemon Pepper Seasoning (Adams or McCormick)
Baking dish

• Marinate chops in Liquid Smoke for at least 15 min.
• After removing from the marinade, dust both sides with lemon pepper
• The best flavor is on the grill cooked until done, but not dried out
(Pork: 145 – 160 degrees)
• If you cook them inside, preheat oven to 400 degrees F and bake for 25 minutes
(Pork: 145 – 160 degrees)

Lemon Pepper Vegetables
Serves well with the porkchops and salad

Large onion
Package fresh baby carrots
Package small boiling potatoes
Lemon pepper
Liquid Smoke

• Cut onions into rings
• Wash potatoes and carrots
• Place in a grill-safe or oven-safe container sprayed with non-stick spray, depending on which place you cook. Either way will take longer than the pork chops, and must be started before cooking the chops
• Add a tablespoon of liquid smoke and toss
• Cut up butter in small pats over the vegetables
• Dust lemon pepper over all
• Cover and cook until carrots are tender

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