It’s Like This By Bob Palmer

It’s about time

Time can be a funny thing. There are periods in our lives when it seems to fly by and other moments when it moves at an agonizingly slow pace. You have also probably known years when you anxiously waited for days to pass and others when you dreaded the passage of each page on the calendar.

I can be a terrible procrastinator. In college I would put off writing term papers until the last minute. Most papers were due at 5 p.m. on Mondays. I would go to the library at noon on Sunday and begin my research. When the library closed, I returned to my room and stayed up all night typing. I completed editing the masterpiece before reporting for work as a waiter at Duncan Dining Hall. I used freshmen to retype the final version, collected the pages, added blank cover sheets, bibliography and title page, then dashed to the professor’s office.

Of course, Egyptians think they invented time. While the land of the pyramids was the first place to come up with the concept of a 24-hour day, with 12 hours of night, 10 hours of day and two hours of twilight, other ancient cultures were well on their way to perfecting their own sun dials at the same time. There is a problem, however, with a shadow clock or sun dial, it doesn’t work very well at night. Amenophis I, king of Egypt wanted to know the time at night without having to run outside and check to see the position of Orion or the Big Dipper in the sky. Prince Amenemhet came up with a solution, a water clock. He took a bucket of water punched a hole in it and marked lines inside the bucket. The device was designed to leak water…

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