It’s Like This By Bob Palmer

Looking to the future
Who knows what the future holds? Here are 20 predictions for 2018, strictly unguaranteed.
* US and Pakistani forces will finally purge the Afghanistan border area of the Taliban.
* Jason Garrett will not be fired as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys and the Cowboys will go 10-6 in 2018.
* The local economy will show signs of life in the second quarter.
* After years of delays, the Marvin Nichols Reservoir project will begin to move forward.
* The Dallas Mavericks will be unable to get past their grandmothers to reach the NBA playoff s.
* Vladimir Putin will unexpectedly leave office.
* Following a missile test that lands in US territorial waters, the United States will launch an airstrike on North Korea.
* Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott will easily win re-election.
* A Texas state-wide office holder will resign under fire, opening the door for a Democrat to win the post.
* China will not force North Korea’s Kim Jong-un to stop playing with his nuclear war game. Instead, China atones for North Korea’s nuclear antics with a 5 percent discount on next year’s Christmas gifts.
* Democrats will gain 23 seats in…

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