Brass ensemble entertains with carols and hymns; JCA looking to grow Music Program

By Carla Bass – City Editor

Jeffersn Christian AcademyLooking out our office window this past week, it aroused our curiosity as some instruments and music stands were being set up on the Bandstand in Otstott Park. Not recognizing the school colors and with only an ensemble preparing, we walked over with cameras in hand.

After getting up closer for photographs, the emblems on their royal blue shirts indicated they were from Jefferson Christian Academy. Totally unaware they had a band program, we delighted in hearing the melodies wafting from a combination of students and faculty; and were astounded when we found out the students were only beginners on their instruments when the Fall Semester began. They, along with their faculty counterparts were not playing beginner music.

Some of the melodies we heard were “Joy to the World, “Lead me to Calvary”, “Oh Come All Ye Faithful.”

The small brass band program is self-supporting and relies upon the love offerings they receive at various programs where they have performed. They recently played at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church during Candlelight Tour, and at another venue in Monroe, Louisiana. They were also joined by a handbell choir and by a vocal choral group.

Director, Giovani Tuipulotu shared, “Many more of the students want to learn to play, but it is difficult due to the shortage of instruments. If we could somehow get more instruments, our program would grow more quickly.”

If anyone is looking to rid themselves of working instruments, primarily brass, the band program at Jefferson Christian Academy could certainly benefit from the donation of the instruments.

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