History Moment By William “Doc” Halliday

first crosswordDo you love a mystery?  Many people do.  One method of enjoying a mystery is to complete a crossword puzzle.  According to dictionary.com, a crossword puzzle is a puzzle in which words corresponding to numbered clues or definitions are supplied and fitted into correspondingly numbered sets of squares, one letter per square, the words being arranged horizontally or vertically so that most letters form part of two words.”  Life has many problems with no perfect solution for any of those problems.  What are you going to cook for dinner?  How can I juggle the finances to pay for the catalytic converter in the car?  When will I have time to visit my parents, the friend in the hospital, or help my children with their homework?  How can I run all of these errands?  The crossword puzzle does have a perfect solution.  It may not be easy, but it is perfect.

Did I say it wasn’t easy?  Actually, some crossword puzzles are easy.  Those appear on Monday in the New York Times.  Tuesday’s puzzles are more difficult.  Each day the puzzle increases in difficulty until Saturday…

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