It’s Like This By Bob Palmer

A click away from disaster
Doctor, I need help.
I think my wife wants a Christmas sweater for Christmas. I know. I know. It’s the ultimate cliché. A Christmas sweater is the gift that never gives.
But she dropped a huge hint last week.
We were watching one of the late-night talk shows. Don’t ask me which one. I was in the room by accident and Sharon had recorded the show the night before.
Thinking back, it may have been a trap.
She knows I never stay up that late. She could have recorded the program to play back just so I could take the hint.
Anyway, the host – I really stopped caring after Johnny Carson retired so I don’t know the name – introduced that night’s guest, Whoopi Goldberg.
Whoopi yacked it up with the host with the usual banter and humor, but managed to get a plug for her line of Christmas sweaters into the conversation before the commercial break.
The zip-up version Whoopi modeled for the occasion did not look half-bad. The front featured knit caricatures of Whoopi and her co-star on “The View,” Joy Behar.
I should mention my wife is a large fan of “The View.” She records every program and replays them in the evening. To off set this onslaught of liberal feminist thought, I have self-administered doses of Fox News at the Wellness Center to keep my mind in balance.
I thought I had purged the entire suggestive moment out of my consciousness…

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