Movie Review |”Wonder”

“Wonder” will steal your heart this holiday.  Based on twonderhe 2012 novel by Raquel Jaramillo (pen name R. J. Palacio), the award-winning children’s novel is about August “Auggie” Pullman (Jacob Tremblay).  He suffers from a very rare facial transformation syndrome called mandibulofacial dysostosis, or Treacher Collins syndrome, that causes his face to appear deformed even after many surgeries.

After being home-schooled through fourth grade, his mom Isabel (Julia Roberts) and father Nate (Owen Wilson) decide it is time for him to go to a private school called Beecher Prep.  Anxieties abound as Auggie and his family work through the inevitable challenges that come with the transition, most importantly bullying.

The true heart of “Wonder” is that the story is familiar and could easily be a predictable tear-jerker whose only goal is to cause the audience to feel waves of sadness and sympathy for Auggie.  But “Wonder” goes beyond the predictable and shows audiences the true wonder of who Auggie, his heart, his charm, and the love and support he has from his family.

Every character in the movie charms and adds to the depth of the plot.  While Auggie is the main character, Roberts and Wilson once again show film lovers why they are genuine and much loved Hollywood movie stars.  And Auggie’s sister Via, short for Olivia (Izabela Vidovic), both experiences less attention from her parents but cares for and loves her brother deeply.

“Wonder,” a small budget indie-like film, opened on November 17, 2017 and finished the weekend a respectable second only to the latest release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Justice League.”

“Wonder” (113 minutes) is showing at the Marshall Cinema with an PG rating for thematic elements including bullying, and some mild language. Call (903) 935-5662 or visit for a full list of show times.  Then, #ChooseKind this holiday season and don’t miss “Wonder.”

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