Marion County Jail Report

Anisha Gayle Anderson, Marshall, 36, charged with fraudulent use/possession of identifying info. Bond amount not stated.
Jayson W. Burton, Jefferson, 34, charged with driving with license invalid with previous conviction/suspension and possession of a controlled substance Pg 3 less than 28 grams, with parole violation. Held on $1,500 bond.
Brandalyn Capps, Dime Box, 35, charged with driving while intoxicated. Held on $1,500 bond.
Robert Daniel Dison, Karnack, 34, charged with theft of property more than $100 and less than $750. Bond amount not stated.
Chance Alexander Galbreth, Jefferson, 18, charged with burglary of building. Bond amount not stated.
Robert Glen Haskins, Jefferson, 18, charged with burglary of vehicles with previous two or more convictions, credit or debit card abuse, and two counts of unauthorized use of a vehicle. Bond amount not stated.
Dvontae Kentreil Hood, Marshall, 20, charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. Held on $100,000 bond.
Howard Jackson III, Jefferson, 55, charged with aggravated assault of date/family/household member with a weapon. Held on $10,000 bond.
Randall Keith Johnson, Marshall, 25, charged with theft of property more than $2,500 and less than $30,000. Bond amount not stated.
Dalton Chance Jones, Jefferson, 17, charged with burglary of building. Bond amount not stated.
Shannon Jay Morris, Jefferson, 41, charged with injury of a child/elderly/disabled person with intent on bodily injury. Held on $25,000 bond.
Billy Amos Rickman, Kilgore, 18, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Bond amount not stated.
Jerrod Paul Sharp, Jefferson, 27, charged with fleeing a police officer. Held on $1,500 bond.
Aaron Wade Slagle, Kilgore, 36, charged with evading arrest with vehicle. Held on $20,000 bond.
Charles Dexter Smith, Jefferson, 50, charged with possession of a controlled substance Pg 1 less than 1 gram and tampering/fabricating physical evidence. Bond amount not stated.
Jose Manuel Vargas-Loera, Amarillo, 51, charged with driving while intoxicated 3rd or more. Held on $20,000 bond.
Julio Cesar Vasquez, Houston, 39, charged with driving with license invalid with previous conviction/suspension. Held on $1,500 bond.
Daniel D. Williamson, Overton, 41, charged with driving while intoxicated 2nd. Bond amount not stated.

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