TOYS for TOTS History & Local Guidelines


By Carla Bass – City Editor

Since 1775, the Marine Corps have been defenders of freedom and have fulfilled that task with honor, courage and commitment.  They have earned a well-deserved reputation for toughness.

But there’s another side, a softer side to the Marine Corps that springs from a genuine concern for the communities in which they live. They have a deep compassion for the under-privileged children of America.  That side is found in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots program.

In 1947, a group of Marines recognized a need in this country, finding a way to fill it through the Toys for Tots program.  Since then Marines and local community organizers have distributed almost a half million toys and brought the joy of Christmas and a message of hope to more than 230 million children.  This is an incredible accomplishment, and as impressive as those numbers are, they do not tell the whole story.  Every year there is a gap between the number of children needing toys, and the number of toys available.

The local organization for implementing the program is the Krewe of Hebe, in an effort to serve the community and the children of Marion County. The important thing is that we are local people helping local families. Of the funds raised, 97% of the income goes into the purchase of new toys for the local children. Few of the charity or donation support efforts can make this statement.

The Marion County Toys for Tots campaign will begin the first week of November. Forms will be distributed through the schools.  Registration will be done differently this year so please read the information very carefully. Parents are urged to fill out the applications with all…

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