Jewish History reviewed at Garden Club meeting


The meeting was called to order at the Ruth Lester Playhouse at 3:30 p.m. by President Becky DeWare, with 24 active members, 11 associate members, 1 out-of-town associate member and 10 guests present. Guests were:  Melva Russell, Jo Ann Nutt, Stacy Mills, Ellen Danielson, Christie Woodson, Kim Shaw, Jo Ann Zastavnik, Cathy Surratt, Tracey Engel and Nancy Canson.

Because of time constraints of the speakers, the program was given first.   A most interesting history was presented by Audrey Kariel and Janet Cook of Marshall who spoke on the Jewish community of Marshall and Jefferson, and they were most appreciative of our hosting the meeting in our property, the former Hebrew Sinai Synagogue.  Both were presented gifts at the end of their program, and they presented the Garden Club with copies of the book written by Janet, with wonderful history and stories of the Jewish Congregation and families of the Jewish Faith in Marshall and the contributions they gave to the area.  The name of the book is The Jewish Story and Memories of Marshall, Texas.  Audrey was very vital to the book with the stories and history she remembered and had recorded through the years.

The members and guests then adjourned until 5:10 to enjoy refreshments furnished by Elizabeth Puckett and hostesses Mary Keasler, Linda Avrett, Margaret Jones, Ruthie Little and Laura Omer. The meeting was then reconvened for business.    President DeWare called the meeting to order.  Margaret Jones led the group in the Garden Club Prayer, and also led the group in singing Happy Birthday to the November birthday honoree and guests were introduced.

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