It’s Like This By Bob Palmer

Republican heel
J. Frank Palmer, my grandfather, once shared a drink of whiskey in the Oval Office with the President of the United States.
That Prohibition was the law of the land and this particular White House occupant is the most poorly regarded chief executive of the 20th Century perhaps give our family anecdote a faint odor. This story, however, may cast a little light in the present Potomac fog.
We’ll return to J. Frank’s trip to D.C., but first let’s check the box score of Republican presidents and Congress.
When Democrats control Congress and Republicans have the lease on the White House, everyone expects the two branches of government to need the services of a referee, or perhaps a faith healer, in order to pass the potatoes at the dinner table.
Donald Trump, however, is not the first Republican president to experience difficulty passing key legislation with a GOP majority in both houses.
In the days following the Civil War…

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