It’s Like This By Bob Palmer

Football weather

Last weekend’s cold snap brought to mind other Friday nights when referee whistles pierced frosty air and you stamped your feet to keep your toes warm.

For most of the football season, you worry more about sun stroke or heat exhaustion than sore throats and frostbite. The calendar requires two-a-days to run their punishing course during the year’s hottest month. Through the first half of the season, fans fret more about their deodorant than bringing a coat.

If you are lucky, however, you get one or two games at the end of the regular season when you can truly enjoy “football weather.”

The temperature will hover between 40 and 50. Even a gentle breeze will turn pale cheeks aflame and make eyes water.

Women will put on those bulky sweaters they love, but get few chances to wear in this region. Men seize the opportunity to check their camouflage jackets for moth holes before the start of deer season in a couple weeks. Even if they are not deer hunters, guys will sport camo attire so they can look like they do.

During my four years at Texas A&M, I can recall only one cold weather football game, and it wasn’t played in College Station. We had more of a problem with sunburn on our shaved heads than winter weather perils.

New Year’s Day, 1968 was cold and icy, however, as A&M played Alabama in the Cotton Bowl. I made my way to Dallas despite frozen roads and lack of a date (turned down again). I was rewarded with a great game made even more memorable for having persevered despite the elements.

With each of his children attending a different Southwest Conference school…

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