History Moment By William “Doc” Halliday

radioWhen the first Presidential election was held, news of the result was sent by stagecoach, horse, and ship. As the years went by, the railroad was used to transmit news at a faster rate. Then the telegraph increased the speed at which news was spread. And soon, the radio was invented. Today, most people watch the results on television or other electronic devices.

Do you drive, or ride in a vehicle? If you do, there is a 90 percent chance that you listen to the radio while you are in that vehicle. Do you recall the name Victrola? That was the name of a popular line of record playing machines. When the car radio was invented in 1930, the inventors came up with the name Motorola or MOTORized victOLA. Radios have come a long way from the first AM radios to FM and now XM or satellite radio. Of course radios were in the…

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