It’s Like This By Bob Palmer

Clear on the right?

The Oct. 1 shooting of more than 500 County Music fans in Las Vegas stirs again the embers of gun control debate in this country. You remember that shouting match? People go from holding hands singing “Kumbaya” to screaming obscenities at each other in 4.6 seconds.

Let me make a few stipulations before we begin the character assassinations.

  1. I have owned firearms for more than 50 years.
  2. I have yet to see any of my weapons jump off the shelf, run down the street and kill someone.
  3. I have eaten more cordite and spit more lead than most 2nd Amendment defenders can dream.
  4. I still, on occasion, enjoy firing a weapon.

It seems to me, we have some mental health issues in this country and some gun control issues. The real problem occurs when the two intersect.

Certainly, shooters in Sandy Hook and Vegas had serious mental problems. Could their conditions somehow been neutralized? I’m not a doctor, but I would urge Congress to take steps toward improving the identification and treatment of the mentally ill in this country as well as making some common sense changes to gun regulations.

Every time the subject of gun control crawls on the public agenda, the National Rifle Association pays someone to run around the country with their hair on fire screaming 2nd Amendment, freedom and send us more money.

Of course, liberals pander to their base, making the cash register ring, with blather about wanting new laws for Christmas that will never happen. Every time the left talks about outlawing semi-automatic weapons or “assault guns” they stoke gun-owner fears and play into the hands of the NRA.

Try these three ideas on for size. I think their time may have come.

Outlaw bump stocks. Automatic weapons are already illegal. Devices turning…

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