Weekly Devotional | October 5, 2017

Overcoming Fear in Troubled Times, Part I

revWe are living in troubled times of biblical proportions.

There’s increasing civil unrest around the world; wars and rumors of wars, murders, terrorist acts, famines, and on. Sickness and disease terrorize us at an epidemic level; cancers, diabetes, viruses, blood disorders, etc… All this even with Affordable Health Care!

Then there’s the erratic weather patterns; hurricanes, floods, tornados, lightning strikes, droughts, sinkholes, wildfires, etc…WE ARE LIVING IN TROUBLED TIMES.

In John 20:19, the disciples of Jesus Christ find themselves in troubled times. They assembled with the doors shut for fear of the Jews. Let’s examine:

  • Why were they afraid?
  • Who/What were they afraid of?
  • What were they doing about it?

These questions often are not answered when fear comes knocking at our door. Fear prevails when they are not answered.  Fear then becomes the driver of our decision-making, usually to our own destruction.

There are fears we experience through all the seasons of life.

+ As a CHILD, we fear not being Loved. We fear being Left.

+ As a TEEN, we have a fear of not portraying the Right Image. We fear being Independent.

+ As a YOUNG ADULT, we fear Bills and Babies.

+ As a SENIOR ADULT, we fear Living and sometimes fear Dying.

To continue to walk in victory, we must answer the questions

for ourselves…

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