It’s Like This By Bob Palmer


THE LATE NFL: It may be difficult for many of you to believe, but the National Football League has been the dominant sport in the US for only a short period of time.

Baseball, of course, was America’s game, often called the “national pastime,” for much of the 20th Century.

College football had a larger following than the pro game through the 1960s.

It was the expansion of the NFL and the merger with the AFL along with television coverage that brought the NFL into every living room.

“Monday Night Football” with Cosell and Meredith made pro football must see TV.

The current controversy over pro players disrespecting the country’s flag and anthem could end this run. Many may turn to the college sport or even soccer rather than watch over-paid prima donnas insult us.


DESPITE PRESIDENT Trump’s tweets to the contrary, the US response to hurricane damage in Puerto Rico appears little and late.

Major resources are finally moving toward the smitten island, but it should not have taken this long. There is an impression of racist contempt for the suffering there, whether it is justified or not.

An aircraft carrier parked in San Juan harbor a week sooner would have served both Trump and the people of Panama better than what we have seen.


TWEET spotted around town: The #NFL died.. of Colin Cancer .


IF YOU DON’T love living in this part of the world this time of year, you need to get checked. There is something wrong with your attitude and your eyes.


I GOT a letter from the Veteran’s Administration refusing to give me a disability for hearing loss. That was a relief. The last time I asked them to evaluate my ears, they gave me a zero disability…

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