History Moment By William “Doc” Halliday

The World’s First Nighttime Football Game
first nighttime footballMany of my readers are football fans. Some of them look forward to night games that they either watch in person, or on television. The sport of football has come a long way in the past one hundred and twenty-five years.
From the first use of fire for artificial light hundreds of thousands of years ago mankind has progressed through candles and lamps using whale oil and kerosene. Thomas Edison is credited with developing electrical illumination to replace gas lighting in the late 1870’s. It was to be expected that once lighting was available, many activities that had previously been restricted to daylight could be performed during the hours of darkness. These activities would include leisure activities as well as those related to work. One hundred and twenty-five years ago, on September 28, 1892, the first night football game was played in Mansfield, Pennsylvania.
The opposing teams in the contest that night were from Mansfield Normal School, and Wyoming Seminary.
Mansfield Normal School was originally Mansfield Classical Seminary, and is now Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, a small, public, liberal arts university located in the borough of Mansfield. Wyoming Seminary is not located in the State of Wyoming. It is located in the Wyoming Valley of Northeastern Pennsylvania. This was the equivalent of a high school football game.
Mansfield wasn’t really the home team…

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