Community Health Center Fund Set to Expire; Hundreds of Thousands of Texans Could Lose Health Care if Congress Fails to Act by September 30

By Carla Bass – City Editor
“On September 30, the Community Health Center Fund will expire unless Congress takes action to renew it. The $3.6 billion annual fund provides Community Health Centers with the critical resources to care for uninsured patients, as well as maintain essential infrastructure for primary care services across the country. In Texas, health centers serve more than 1.3 million patients annually, and the loss of the health center fund would mean a more than $150 million cut to Texas health centers.”
This was the opening statement issued by Jose’ E. Camacho in a media release received from the Texas Association of Community Health Centers.
There are health centers across Texas which provide community centered health care providing low cost primary medical and dental care, chronic disease management, patient education and other services for uninsured Texans.
We have one of those community health care centers is located here in Jefferson at Genesis Prime Care on Alley Street. Healthcare is provided there on a sliding scale based upon the patient’s ability to pay.
This is accomplished through the funding to this clinic and many others.
Many of the clinics have currently been meeting the medical needs of communities in the Gulf Coast area during this time of disaster following the days and weeks after Hurricane Harvey’s brutal devastation.
Mobile clinics were deployed into the affected areas bringing medical care to those who were displaced and were in shelters.
Congress is to vote on this funding on September 30th. Because of the Gulf Coast disaster funds for the community health care, further loss of funding could put facilities such as Prime care in serious financial distress,
According to Carla Roadcapp at the supervising office in Longview, there is a National Cliff Call-In day set up for Thursday to call in your concerns to your representatives in Congress for the future Federal Funding for this important community assets.
The number to call is 1-5-866-456-3949. You are even told what to say….

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