What is a Good Samaritan at an accident?

By Carla Bass – City Editor

In researching this article on being Good Samaritans, the following quote was found on a website entitled HG.org -Legal Resources. It begins with the quote:

“Like many other states, Texas has a Good Samaritan Law that protects citizens in the event that they provide emergency medical assistance. This law is meant to shield people acting in good faith and in their best efforts from civil liability and to protect the public by creating an incentive for others to help in a time of emergency.”

The state of Texas holds value for human life and does not want a witness or someone discovering an injured person to be discouraged from rendering possibly lifesaving aid because he or she is afraid of being sued if the care provided causes harm to the victim. The Texas Good Samaritan Law has gone through many revisions, so it is important that citizens be familiar with the most up-to date information regarding how that law is defined.

An overview of the law is that if someone voluntarily and in good faith attempts to provide emergency assistance to another individual involved in an dangerous situation, he or she will not be held civilly liable for any damages that providing such care caused. The law applies to common situations, such as a witness seeing someone who is injured in an automobile accident and giving emergency assistance. It specifically applies to any damages that result from using an automated external defibrillator. It provides protection to volunteer first responders and to unlicensed medical personnel who are not licensed or certified, but who act in good faith.

Like with many laws, there are a number of exceptions…

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