JHS English 3 Honors’ get a lesson with an international flair

Staff Article

Ms. BrandThe English 3 Honors’ class was treated to a lesson by Nora Brand this past week. Ms. Brand is from Germany, where she attends the University of Koblenz-Landau. Ms. Brand is studying to be a high school English and German teacher in Germany, and one of her graduate requirements is to spend twelve weeks in an English speaking country. To comply with this condition, Ms. Brand has been visiting family in Jefferson.

During this visit, she spent a week observing Tami Whitington’s English 3 Honors and English 4 classes.

Mrs. Whitington stated, “Ms. Brand was very enthusiastic, asked very informative questions and had a good rapport with the students.”

Ms. Brand teachingAs the English 3 Honors’ class was preparing to read The Crucible, Mrs. Whitington invited Ms. Brand to teach an introductory lesson on the subject as she had developed a teaching unit over The Crucible for one of her university classes.

“She did an excellent job…

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