It’s Like This By Bob Palmer

Sausage, anyone?

When President Donald Trump announced a couple of weeks ago a death sentence for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the six-month stay of execution to allow Congress to act, sounded smart.

– Letting people remain in this country who were brought here as children by their parents, have attended our schools and work in our economy, makes sense.

– President Obama probably did exceed his Constitutional authority in ordering a new immigration policy without Congressional approval.

– Congress won’t act to regularize the program unless you hold a blow torch to its toes or other tender parts.

– Trump lit the flame thrower.

It is also true Congressional Republicans did not care for all of Trumps billing and cooing with Democrats over the debt ceiling extension. They may want to smear a little egg salad on the chief executive’s smiling mug.

Last weekend, Congressional leaders finally admitted to feeling the heat.

House Speaker Paul Ryan named a committee to explore possible legislation to create a new DACA. All nine are Republicans.

It would be nice to think a bi-partisan panel could work together to save this policy affecting about 800,000 young people, but that’s not the way Congress works.

The party in power will serve up a bill supported by a majority of its caucus. The minority party will then be free to weep, wheedle and complain.

In this case, however, the door may have been left open for more than one point of view.

Ryan must deal with the far-right wing of his own party which may oppose DACA in any form you can imagine. The Speaker may well need Democratic votes to pass a new bill. Ryan has consulted Democratic leadership on the issue.

Some members of the DACA committee also have attempted broad-based immigration reform in the past. Texans John Carter, Will Hurd and Michael McCaul certainly won’t view this as a party-line issue. About 124,000 DACA beneficiaries live in the Lone Star State.

If Ryan has packed the committee with…

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