Auditions are coming

Contributed by Marcia Thomas

Auditions will be held for an upcoming production by Jefferson’s Opera House Theatre Players on Sat and Sun, Sept. 23-24, 30 and Oct. 1 at the Episcopal Church Parish Hall from 2 to 4 pm each day. Try-outs may also be arranged for different times by contacting the director, Marcia Thomas, at 903-665-2310.

As has been the custom for several seasons, the community theatre is considering two new “southern women” comedies of the kind that seem to appeal to audiences in the area. Both are by successful playwrights, but at least one has not been seen beyond a staged reading in another state.

Needed in both are up to 7 women ranging in age from twenty-two to sixty and beyond; one male of indeterminate age who will play a cross-dressing butler (who remains a masculine man by shows end); one young man in mid-20s to 30 who plays a son and lawyer; and one male of at least fifty-five or more to play a widower. The story revolves around one woman who has a lot of money and who thinks she is going to die and might want to leave a big chunk of the fortune to one of her tiara-wearing friends.

The other comedy, also the same genre that plays so well here concerns several close women-friends who go to their yearly outing at a beach house and end up trying to “save” one of their friends marriage by inviting the young woman who is after her husband to come for a visit. While it isn’t murder, the shenanigans make for some of the wittiest situations one can imagine during an unsuspecting visit by the said bimbo.

Anyone wishing to come and read for one of the roles should be prepared to bring a small photo, a resume, and have a good sense of timing and humor for the fast dialogue exchanges. Casting will be done right away and rehearsals will begin right away at least 2-3 times a week for a performance date of late November.

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