The Tradition Continues WOJO takes on the duties of Annual Salad Luncheon in honor of 1933 Study Club

By Carla Bass/City Editor

Always a sell-out, the 1933 Study Club has had an Annual Salad Luncheon with ladies attending to support their fundraising efforts. As time goes on, most of the membership has dwindled due to many of the group becoming older and many of the members who had passed on.

The Salad Luncheon will be held at the First Baptist Church Fellowship Hall. Tickets are $10. It will be held Tuesday, September 19th from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. You may get your tickets in advance from Mary Bird at 903-665-8733.

Imogene Bass shared,” Most women were not working at that time. The 1933 Study Club Meeting was their day out; donning their Sunday best, their hats, and putting on their gloves to have tea, coffee, finger sandwiches and cookies; either following or preceding their programs.

They would meet at 4 in the afternoon. A large portion of the money raised went to scholarships and another portion of $300 went to the library.”

Joined in 1952. Many of the original books are back in the back of the Museum. Imogene became an associate in 1957 when she went to work for the bank.

The last scholarship was in honor of Imogene Bass to honor her while still living. That scholarship went to Lacy Phillips, and then three more to honor a member who had passed away.

Formed in 1933, the first President was…

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