Drunk driving victim shares story to warn others about dangers of drinking and driving

TxDOT-Austin ,TX

Sean Carter looks out onto a sea of high school students before beginning his speech. Most of these students likely share the same dreams Sean once had — to have a suc­cessful career and a family. The life Sean dreamed about abruptly ended in 2005 when he got into a truck driven by a friend who had been drink­ing. The driver caused the truck to hydroplane, strik­ing a tree and causing Sean to suffer a traumatic brain injury that left him unable to walk or talk.

“I was not born needing a wheelchair,” Sean told the students through an iPad that speaks the words he types. “The choices I made put me here. For 12 years, I’ve lived with the consequences of my choices. Nothing can undo my decision to ride with a drunk driver, and despite how much I improve, I will never escape those consequences.”

Sean tells his powerful story to students across the country, hopeful that they will not make the same mis­take. He is also sharing his story through the Texas De­partment of Transportation’s “Plan While You Can” cam­paign, which aims to save lives by decreasing alcohol-related crashes leading up to and beyond the Labor Day holiday weekend. In 2016, there were 344 alcohol-re­lated crashes in Texas during the Labor Day holiday week­end,* resulting in 12 fatalities and 39 serious injuries.

“We appreciate Sean shar­ing his story with others and we wish him continued luck on his tremendous efforts to recover from the terrible incident,” said TxDOT Execu­tive Director James Bass.

“We need to remember that each time someone dies or is seriously injured on our roadways, it’s someone’s son or daughter, mother or father, or friend. We hope Sean’s sto­ry will encourage safe driv­ing behaviors so that we can all see fewer deaths on our roadways.”

The “Plan While You Can” campaign includes a state­wide tour featuring…

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