DPS announces temporary storm-related changes

AUSTIN – At the direction of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, the Texas Department of Pub­lic Safety (DPS) will imple­ment cost-saving measures for residents who have been impacted by Hurricane Har­vey. The changes will affect driver license (DL) duplicates and Driver Responsibility Program (DRP) surcharges for residents who live in one of the counties that have re­ceived a gubernatorial disas­ter declaration.

DPS will provide a no-cost replacement DL or ID card for residents in the impacted counties, provided they had previously been issued a Tex­as DL or ID card.

Customers living in the affected counties are en­couraged to bring whatever identity and residency docu­mentation they have in their possession. (Replacement identification would normal­ly cost $11.)

Eligible cardholders will need to visit a driver license office in person to obtain a free Texas DL or ID replace­ment. To find a driver license office near you, please visit http://www.dps.texas.gov/administration/driver_li­censing_control/rolodex/search.asp. Since DPS driver license offices have been im­pacted by flooding as well, please check the website prior to coming to an office to ensure it is open.

In addition, residents in these same counties with out­standing DRP surcharges will not be required to make pay­ments for 60 days, effective immediately. No action is re­quired by the customer; DPS will implement the change internally. For additional information about the DRP program, please visit http://www.dps.texas.gov/DriverLi­cense/drp.htm.

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