Movie Review | “Annabelle: Creation”

By Mica Wilhite

Annabelle Creation“Annabelle: Creation” is the fourth installment of the The Conjuring movie franchise and the origin story of the demon-possessed doll named Annabelle. It is the prequel to 2014’s “Annabelle” and describes how the death of a young girl named Annabelle helps create the dreadful doll by way of another young orphan named Janice who is eventually adopted and renamed Annabelle.

The Conjuring franchise is based on the reports of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorrain Warren. Annabelle, the doll, really exists and is housed in the Warrens’ occult museum in Monroe, CT. It is a Raggedy Ann doll and blamed for the death of a young man who did not believe the doll was demon-possessed and taunted the doll locked up in a glass case.

“Annabelle: Creation” is a significant improvement over the 2014 Annabelle in that the suspense and terror are even more real and the scares more shocking. Even the online trailers are jolting . Directed by David Sandberg, whose major directorial debut from last year “Lights Out,” gave Conjurer followers reason to cheer his addition to the franchise. Sandberg delivers reliably chilling and visceral reactions using minimal budget and old-school horror tricks.

The film ends with a reminder from “The Conjuring 2,” and apparently, encouragement for the audience to return in July 2018 to learn the origin story of Vale, the demon nun Lorraine defeated as he sought to murder her husband Ed. Another character-based spinoff of the series is “The Crooked Man” whose release date is yet to be determined.

“Annabelle: Creation” (109 minutes) is showing at the Marshall Cinema with an R rating for horror, violence, and terror. Call (903) 935-5662 or visit for a full list of show times. Then, plan to see it if you are brave enough. And, please, never unlock the door to a room that contains a demon-possessed doll.

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