Marion County Jail Report

Raven Britt, 23, Diana, charged with possession of a dangerous drug.

William Russell Bryant, 32, Longview, charged with possession of a prohibited substance/item in a correc­tional facility. Bond was set at $10,000

James Franklin Dial, 41, Jef­ferson, charged with burglary of a habitation, burglary of a building. No bond was set.

Rebecca Jean Dunlap, 37, Jefferson, charged with possession of a controlled substance. Bond was set at $10,000.

Fred Lee Fuller, Jr., 52, Avinger, charged with driv­ing while intoxicated third or more offense.

Brannon Lee Galey, 31, Jef­ferson, charged with criminal non support.

Christopher Byron, 41, Jef­ferson, charged with assault Class C.

Maxie Daniel Helms, 21, Jefferson, charged with two non-reportable offenses.

Mark Thomas Plummer, 55, Conroe, charged with public intoxication and unlawfully carrying a weapon. Bonds to­taled $3,000.

Antwone Richardson, 33, Marshall, charged with as­sault causes bodily injury.

Jonathan Martinez, 34, Gilmer, charged with driving while intoxicated second of­fense.

Derek Lane Moore, 29, Jef­ferson, charged with aggra­vated robbery, delivery of controlled substance. Bonds totaled $50,000.

James Robert Neville, 47, Avinger, charged with forgery of a financial instrument.

Melinda Lasyone, 40, Avinger, charged with bur­glary of a building.

Robert Charles Allen Ty­son, 31, Jefferson, charged with prohibited substance in a correctional facility. Bond set at $10,000.

James Earl Williams, Jr., 40, Longview, charged with criminal non-support.

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