Letter to the Editor | August 17, 2017


While in downtown Jefferson today, I went into the OPEN Women’s public restroom after discovering that the new set of public restrooms are not open. I was so thankful that I didn’t have family or friends or out of town guests with me.

The restroom is disgusting and embarrassing!

  • No lights. It was 1:30 pm when I went in and it was dark! After a bit, my eyes adjusted and I saw….
  • The air vents are covered in dirt and filth and are noisy with no resulting air movement.
  • The commodes are stained and are leaking.
  • The floors are in need of a good make-over; chipped paint, water stains.
  • No hand soap.
  • Someone had left a dirty wash cloth in the floor leaving me to believe it had been quite some time since anyone had been into the restroom for cleaning or maintenance. Yes, it was Saturday afternoon. But, wouldn’t you think that would be a busy time for a public restroom in a town that wants to be a tourist mecca? If the city can’t keep this one clean and tidy and usable, I’m not sure how they will keep up with two.

Stella Barrow

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