Weekly Devotional | August 10, 2017

From My Study by the Lake

CrawfordScripture: Psalm 133:1-3

Sunday evening. Deer at rest. Birds at feeder. Squirrels in trees. Serene. Holy.

Out of town sister- in- Christ softly, reflectively comments “I just don’t want this day to end. I just want to rest in this moment forever.” She was reading my very thoughts. Basking in the glory of these past three days as the evening of this Sunday is gently moving to sweet rest.

Scenes of 27 diverse, excited children and youth, 15 volunteer workers in the first Vacation Bible School at church in some twenty years. All began each day with prayer, Bible reading, singing of long time hymns put to music they could remember – “O, How I Love Jesus” “What a Mighty God we Serve” and more great hymns. Not the nursery rhyme silly songs lacking Biblical substantive but hymns of faith. They listened attentively through storytelling, were jubilant in recreation, eagerly made crafts, rejoiced in Bible Drill and gave sweet thanks for their snacks and meals lovingly prepared by others who also dished out large servings of encouraging words, smiles!

Seventy-two amazing hours of no complaining, no whining, no selfish thoughts voiced by either child or adult. Older youth were especially eager to help and share their gifts and to learn, worship alongside the younger. Days that any pastor called to preach the gospel would never be able to forget; but more importantly never want to forget. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and now Sunday.

High attendance with all the children, youth, parents and volunteer workers present to join in the worship and celebration of these past few days. Certificates and notes of appreciation joyfully given out and received. “My sister couldn’t be here today. May I have her certificates to take to her?” And, then, they moved the congregation to tears of joy and…

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