Weekly Devotional | July 20, 2017

How to overcome loneliness
Clint DeckerClay Center, Kansas – According to experts in the field of human behavior, loneliness is at epidemic levels. Millions are walking through this dark valley and every day the numbers are growing.
It may seem odd as to how people could feel so lonely in our modern times. With all the technology available it may seem like an impossibility. But it is true. Social media, television, movies on demand and having an ability to instantly connect with anyone anywhere does not remove the struggle.

I grew up as a Pastor’s kid and moved often. My personal fight with loneliness came in my sophomore year of high school. We moved again and I felt like I could not fit in to the new school in a new town. I responded by withdrawing to my room. My grades plummeted and my parents became deeply concerned.
Here I was surrounded by people at school, church and my family, but overwhelmed by loneliness.

By no means was my story unique. Loneliness is…

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