It’s Like This By Bob Palmer

Comes the Revolution

The American Revolution can seem almost lost in the mists. An acknowledged fact of history, like Caesar’s conquest of Gaul, our nation’s birthing pangs, however, has lost center stage in the collective conscience.

The Civil War, World War II and even an unrelenting political cycle demand shares of our diminishing attention spans frittered away on social media and fake news.

Like a once favorite pot now shoved to the back of a shelf, our under-valued, under-appreciated Revolution remains one of the climatic, water shed moments in history. In its opening cry, man first made truths of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness public policy and not just a wistful hope. On blood soaked fields, farmers showed they were the match of the best professional army in the world. Free men pledged their lives and sacred honor not to be bullied and abused by a king and his ministers.

As July 4 approaches, I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the characters from this drama. I trust you know who Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Franklin were. Today’s quiz will look at some other players. These are not bit parts or cameo roles, but the men and women who helped make a Revolution.

Clear your desks. Take out an empty Blue Book, one Schaefer cartridge pen and begin.

1. Who said, “I regret I have only one life to give for my country?”

A. John Adams

B. Patrick Henry

C. Nathan Hale

D. Tom Paine

2. Who was Washington’s supply officer at Valley Forge and later commanded the American army in the South, forcing Cornwallis to retreat to Yorktown?

A. Nathanael Greene

B. Daniel Morgan

C. Light Horse Harry Lee

D. Charles Lee

3. How many casualties did the American army suffer at the Battle of Trenton?…

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