County’s finances in good shape, audit reveals

By Darla Higgins

Jimplecute Staff Writer

At its meeting on Monday, the Marion County Commissioners Court received glowing news about its performance during the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2016.

“You’ve had good numbers for years,” said N. Preston Caver, whose firm, Caver and Setser, Inc., performed the audit. “I’d say you’re a very healthy county in terms of cash flow.”

The county’s total net numbers – the amount its assets exceeded liabilities — increased from $12,543,661 in 2015 to $12,686,648 in 2016, the audit revealed. That’s an increase of approximately $142,987. The general fund’s ending balance was in the black at $2,803,941.

The county was also described in the document as a “low-risk auditee.”

The only mark against it concerned the fact that general fund and road and bridge expenditures exceeded the final approved budget. The audit’s recommendation was for management to proactively notify the court of potential and future needs…

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