Movie Review | “Cars 3” – 2017

By Mica Wilhite

cars 3Lightening McQueen is back in Pixar’s newest release “Cars 3.” The film had a lackluster opening weekend, but only when measured by Disney + Pixar standards. Box office to­tals were over $80 million and higher than “Cars” and “Cars 2.”

The story of “Cars 3” is about McQueen (Owen Wilson) and whether or not his racing ca­reer can survive the faster, yet arrogant, Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer). Sally Carrera (Bon­nie Hunt) is still Lightening’s Porsche girlfriend and Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) still revs up Lightening’s spirits as his best friend.

A new addition to this moving story about not “being afraid of failure” but “being afraid of never having the chance” to succeed is Natalie Certain (Kerry Washington). Certain is a statistical analyst for the Rac­ing Sports Network and derives her name from the probability of a certain event in statistics is 100%. She has a body inspired by Tesla and does everything with 95% confidence (that’s an inside statistics joke).

However, she has a bit of a blind spot when it comes to #95 Lightening’s stats. While adeptly crunching his numbers, she fails to calculate the effect of determination and persis­tence when predicting Lighten­ing’s chance of winning.

“Cars 3” scores a 66% fresh on the Tomatometer. In true Disney/Pixar form, it has amaz­ing animation that captures the eye for the entire length of the film. And the story will encour­age audience members of all ages, as Lightening races to the finish line with a lot of grit and a little help from his friends.

“Cars 3” (109 minutes) is showing at the Marshall Cin­ema kid-friendly G-rating. Call (903) 935-5662 or visit www. for a full list of show times. Then start your engines and zoom zoom zoom to see it soon.

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