Commemorate Juneteenth

-Texas Historical Commission

On June 19, 1865, more than two years after the Emancipa­tion Proclamation was issued, Union Gen. Gordon Granger made the announcement in Galveston that slavery had ended in Texas. The news of freedom gradually traveled to slaves throughout the state, as individual plantation owners read the proclamation follow­ing the end of the Civil War. This milestone is known as Ju­neteenth and is celebrated an­nually on June 19, following the Texas Legislature’s passage of an act declaring it a state holi­day in 1979.

The Texas Historical Com­mission’s (THC) heritage travel guide, African Americans in Texas: A Lasting Legacy, serves as a helpful tool for celebrat­ing Juneteenth throughout the state. Showcasing dozens of sites in Texas, the booklet ex­plores African American heri­tage through powerful tales of survival and innovation, as well as the impact of civil rights, and religious, political, and other inspirational leaders. The re­cently updated, full-color trav­el guide contains a detailed chronological introduction to African American history in Texas, a multi-page timeline, and nine thematic sidebars on topics such as education, freed­men’s communities, agricul­ture, and Buffalo Soldiers.

The companion website, http://www.africanamericansintexas. com, features sites highlighted in the booklet, as well as maps, a photo gallery, additional sites not included in the booklet, and travel planning resources.

To learn more about June­teenth celebrations occurring in your community, visit www. To download a copy of the THC brochure, African Americans in Texas: A Lasting Legacy, visit www.afri­


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