Board members tour school facilities for project updates

By Darla Higgins

Jimplecute Staff Writer

TrusteeOn Friday morning, members of the Jefferson ISD’s Board of Trustees took a stroll around several school campuses to in­spect how they’re looking and decide what needs to be im­proved.

“It’s something we need to do periodically throughout the year,” Superintendent Rob Barnwell said before they be­gan the tour.

agriThe group started at Jeffer­son High School, where they took a look around the shop used by agriculture students.

“It does look a lot better,” said Trustee Leah Cooper of the room, which has recently been spruced up.

“The kids really took pride in the shop,” added Trustee Bobby Langbartels. “One kid got mad because another kid was drag­ging something across the floor after they’d just painted it.”

As they discussed welding projects in the shop, Trustee Kevin Godfrey pointed out that in a decade, things in that in­dustry will have changed.

“You won’t have to weld certain things, because you can just print them,” he said. “We need to be teaching these people how to do that because they’re going to have to know that in the future. Three-D printing can be as strong as a weld.”

cafeteriaThe group also toured the elementary-school cafeteria, which is being remodeled.

“To save money on this proj­ect, we’ve done a lot of that tearing down ourselves,” Barn­well said. “The bad thing about that is we don’t keep quite up with the mowing, and this is mowing season.”

At its regular meeting on Tuesday, the board discussed additional projects that might be needed in the near future. Those include repaving a park­ing lot, addressing a leaky roof fenceat the high school, constructing a competition gym and putting up a security fence near the back of the elementary school.

Another issue…

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